ARISE IIP signed an agreement with the DRC for the development of an industrial zone in Kin-Malebo


ARISE IIP, a pan-African industrial developer and operator created from Gabonese company ARISE, signed last week a framework agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo for the development of an industrial zone at Kin-Malebo, 40 km from Kinshasa.

This agreement aims to contribute to the industrialization of strategic sectors for the DRC, including the forestry and timber industry; it includes a local and sustainable wood processing component for the local market.

ARISE IPP will invest $200 million in this public-private partnership to develop the Kin-Malebo industrial zone. 20,000 jobs are expected to be created, and the growth of industrial activities in the area is expected to attract a large number of multi-sectoral and commercial investments in the country. Gagan Gupta, CEO of ARISE IIP, said “By drawing on our experience in the management of industrial zones and the sustainable management of natural resources, we aim to turn the Democratic Republic of Congo into a regional stronghold in the processing of raw materials”.

Construction of the infrastructure is scheduled to begin in October 2022, with the zone to be operational by September 2023.