A new step forward for certification in Gabon: the Société Équatoriale d'Exploitation Forestière (SEEF) is now OLB-EF certified


The ATIBT congratulates the Société Équatoriale d'Exploitation Forestière for obtaining its Origin and Legality of Timber (OLB) certificate issued in September by Bureau Veritas.

After a long and rigorous process, the Société Équatoriale d'Exploitation Forestière (SEEF) has officially obtained its OLB-EF (Origin and Legality of Timber) certification. Issued on September 5, 2022 by Bureau Veritas Certification, this important distinction establishes SEEF as a Gabonese forestry company that guarantees the legality and geographical origin of the timber exploited.

It is the proof that in its management and exploitation mode, SEEF rigorously respects national laws and all international conventions signed by Gabon in terms of forest management and exploitation, wood traceability, employment and security of people, respect of the rights of the riparian communities and environmental preservation.

Indeed, OLB certification is an international system based on strict and complete legality, and a requirement of traceability adapted to forestry companies. Thanks to its OLB Certification, the SEEF demonstrates its constant commitment to respect the Gabonese forestry code. This code requires all forestry companies operating in Gabon to be certified.

Mr. Jean Christophe RICORDEAU, General Manager of SEEF, is very pleased to see that the OLB-EF certification of his company is the result of a proactive policy resolutely turned towards the sustainable exploitation of forests. He sees it as an encouragement to continue along this path and as a guarantee for the strengthening of economic partnerships with all the actors of the sector, concerned with the rational exploitation of the forests.

To obtain this certificate, the Société Équatoriale d'Exploitation Forestière benefited from the technical assistance of Global Forest Environment Consulting (GFEC). This engineering firm specializes in forestry, the environment and sustainable development and offers Gabonese companies in the forestry, environment and sustainable development sectors its expertise in consulting, auditing, certification and training. The General Manager of this company Mr. Marius KOMBILA said he was satisfied with the outcome of the process that led to the OLB-EF certification of SEEF. He affirmed that GFEC will continue to bring its technical support to SEEF in view of the next step which is the certification of sustainability.

Indeed, the Société Équatoriale d'Exploitation Forestière does not intend to stop there. It is already working to obtain this new certificate, called Sustainable Management, which is a recognition of compliance with international laws on sustainable forestry.