IFL : Pilots for the implementation of Motion 23 commencing


Since the FSC General Assembly in 2022, the Focus Forests Advisory Group and various stakeholders have been developing tools to implement Motion 23/2022, aimed at using landscape-scale approaches adapted to local conditions and strengthening Standards Development Groups (SDGs) to improve the protection of intact forest landscapes. This work has reached an important milestone and is ready for a pilot phase. A webinar to present the work is scheduled for 11 July 2024 at 16:00 CEST.


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As a reminder, we published an article a few weeks ago on the launch of pilots to test the draft new IFL procedures and guidelines.

FSC network offices and in particular their National Standards Development Groups (SDGs) will play a crucial role in these pilots. Project documents to be tested include the FSC-GUI-60-004a Guide and the FSC-PRO-60-004 V1-0 EN Draft 1-0 Procedure. These documents will be tested during the pilots, and the results will be used to finalise the Guide and Procedure.

Several FSC network offices, notably in Brazil, Peru and the Congo Basin countries, have already shown an interest in implementing Motion 23. The FSC Secretariat has launched a call for applications to test the procedure.

The draft guide (available on the FSC sharepoint for those with access) was developed in collaboration with a research consortium led by Professor Claude Garcia of the University of Applied Sciences in Berne and FSC staff. It is inspired by the landscape approaches of other organisations, such as The Forest Dialogue. An overview of all landscape approaches is available on the FSC website. The guide provides support for identifying and engaging stakeholders and monitoring learning processes.

The draft procedure, based on the guide, specifies the requirements for SDGs to develop indicators related to intact forest landscapes for Forest Management Standards. It has been shared for comment with interested FSC network partners, including Canada, Brazil, Peru and the Congo Basin.

The results of the pilots will lead to the submission of intact forest landscape indicators to FSC for approval. The expected outcome is an updated national forest management standard with differentiated indicators based on landscape considerations for the certification of forest management units located in intact forest landscapes. Certification according to the new indicators will be possible once the national forest management standard has been approved.


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