Rebuilding Notre-Dame: PEFC certification for the sustainability of used wood


The rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris' solid oak frameworks has been awarded PEFC certification, confirming the durability of the materials used. This project, led by the public institution Rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris with the support of the FCBA technological institute, guarantees the sustainable origin of the wood and the responsible nature of the work.

Respect for heritage and the environment

The 13th-century frames of the nave and choir, as well as those of the spire and transept arms, destroyed in the fire of 2019, were rebuilt identically in solid oak. This project continues the shared history of the cathedral and French forests, living symbols of cultural heritage.

Mobilization of the forest-wood industry

The French forestry and timber industry was mobilized to supply the wood required to meet the specifications of the chief architects of historic monuments. This collaboration involved players from state and municipal forests, forestry cooperatives, forestry experts, private owners and processing companies, ensuring sustainable forest management.

PEFC certification: proof of commitment

PEFC certification attests that 70% of the wood used is PEFC-certified, guaranteeing compliance with sustainable forest management requirements. It also confirms the implementation of the PEFC chain of custody, ensuring the traceability of wood at every stage of processing and marketing.

A responsible site

Thanks to the involvement of 35 PEFC-certified sawmills and the use of over 80% PEFC-certified logs, Notre-Dame's frameworks are PEFC-certified. This project illustrates the commitment of all stakeholders to sustainable forest management and a construction site that respects environmental, social and economic standards.


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