ATIBT takes an active part in the 27th CITES Plants Commission


The ATIBT CITES Task Force will be in Geneva from 8 to 12 July to discuss and share our recent work.

Our delegation, comprising our President Françoise Van de Ven, Task Force Leader Dr Franck Monthe, expert Nicolas Bayol and planning project assistant Elise Cambier, will be in Geneva from 8 to 12 July to take part in the work of the CITES Plants Committee.

On the menu: two side-events on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 July from 5.15pm to 6.45pm.

The first round table, on 8 July, will explore the principles and regulations that guide sustainable management in the tropical regions of Central and West Africa, the Amazon and Asia. The similarities and differences in practices across the world will be highlighted.

The second, on 9 July, will focus on the challenges of implementing the CITES appendices in Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon and the DRC.

This side-event will provide an opportunity to review compliance with the law, the application of sustainability principles and traceability tools.

The Ebony project organised in Cameroon, presented by Mr Scott Paul, Head of Sustainable Procurement, will highlight concrete actions.

These round tables will be moderated by Dr Franck Monthe.

The team will also be taking advantage of this opportunity to organise informal meetings. Stay tuned, we'll be sharing the results of our participation in Geneva and the outlook for the future in a future newsletter.

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