Welcome to our new member : Tranchivoire (Ivory Coast)



Tranchivoire SA, an eco-friendly company founded in 1986, located in the industrial aera of Koumassi (Abidjan), processes each year approximately 45,000 m3 of logs from its operations in Agboville, Alepe and Aboisso, producing around 9,000 m3 of logs and 14,000 m3 of veneers.


Tranchivoire is the first company in Ivory Coast to be OLB (Origin and Legality of the Timber) certified since 2013 by Bureau Veritas, since when OLB Surveillance Audits have been conducted and always been satisfactory.


The company has implemented a rigorous reforestation policy. Each year Tranchivoire replants around 200 ha according to a note issued by the Ministry of Water and Forests and harvests around 10,000 trees while replanting 60,000 trees. Since 1995, it has replanted 4,000 ha and planted 1,200,000 trees in the classified forest of Yapo Abbé located in Azaguié and paid approximately 1.5 billion CFA francs of harvesting taxes. In terms of waste recovery, all of our timber residues are used as fuel for boilers.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?


Logo Tranchivoire« In the framework of a continuous improvement approach, we have decided to join ATIBT to :


  • learn from their technical expertise
  • Strengthen our capacity through training
  • Develop international projects that preserve tropical forests
  • Promote the tropical timber industry »



Colis débité Tranchivoire
Colis débité Tranchivoire
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Colis placage tranchivoire