The future website « » was presented by Benoît Jobbé-Duval in Amsterdam at the ETTF general assembly on 23 June.


A B to B site, translated into 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch), inspired by the website developed by the French federation LCB « », and aimed at professionals wishing to obtain information or simply find a supplier of tropical wood among more than 100 species in one of the 10 European countries represented.


The website « » will be a real promotional showcase for tropical timber!

The page of each supplier can be enhanced with photos and films and the national federations will administer their own page independently.


This project, financed by STTC via IDH, remains open to all wood federations in Europe who wish to join us. Only aid for translation is requested.

To date, Italy, France, England, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark (7 countries) have informed us of their wish to participate.


A Go / No Go phase was requested by ETTF via IDH to validate the viability of the site and the commitment of the federations. It consisted of 3 main phases: the CIRAD agreement for the use of Tropix cards, the acceptance of duplication of the existing site with presentation of the Internet project model and the agreement of the federations on participation in translations and maintenance of the site.

This phase was successfully lifted, and the creation of the site began. Today, the development of the site is almost complete and we hope to present the online version at the end of August.


The STTC website devoted an article to the site « My tropical read the article