Welcome to our new member : Bureau Veritas Douala (Cameroon)


Bureau Veritas, present in nearly 140 countries and employing approximately 66,000 people worldwide, is the global leader in conformity assessment and certification. Accredited by more than 100 national and international accreditation bodies and relying on 6300 auditors, the company is involved in many fields: marine and offshore, industry, inspection and verification in service, construction, raw materials, government service and international trade, certification.


Created in 2000, Bureau Veritas Douala is a subsidiary of the group, which adheres to its fundamental values: integrity and ethics, impartiality and independence. Leader in HQSE management and accredited ISO 17021, its mission is to support companies and administrations in their efforts to comply with conformity and improve their performance through audits and training, to become more effective in their daily activities and to raise thier level of expertise.


Bureau Veritas offers several certifications and provides reports and documents required to communicate its commitment, compliance, traceability and compliance with the best social and environmental practices.


For forest certification activities, Bureau Veritas certification has to its credit on the African continent:


  •  32 FSC SFM (sustainable forest management) and CoC (Chain of Custody) certificates
  • nearly 1.6 million hectares of FSC certified forest
  • 40 OLB EF or CoC certificates
  • nearly 5 million hectares of OLB certified forest
  • a first PAFC certificate in SFM and PEFC CoC in progress
  • 2 BV-DDS certificates (Bureau Veritas Due Diligence System)


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?

« Bureau Veritas is committed to the ongoing development of innovative solutions that address the concerns of forestry companies to reduce risks, improve performance and promote sustainable development. ATIBT is a professional organization and a platform that will offer to our company not only the opportunity to communicate on its activities in the forestry and environment sector, but also the opportunity to participate rightly in the debates on major current issues on environment and sustainable development. Bureau Veritas also intends to take advantage of the great experience of ATIBT and the diversity of its members to move forward with confidence, and especially to provide services that are in line with the concerns of the forestry sector.  »