Improvement of material yields by the classification of sawnwood


In its role of constant improvement of the practices of the sector, ATIBT wishes to relaunch the rules of classification SATA (Tropical African Sawn Timber), first for the Sapelli.


The SATA rules were developed in 1976 by the CTFT (Tropical Forestry Technical Center) for three main reasons:


  • Improvement of yields of sawmill material
  • Alignement of NHLA and MGR rules used for Asian and American timbers
  • Simplification of the rules with a metric system

Unfortunately, these rules have not been adopted, largely because market habits are deeply entrenched. The ATIBT Board of Directors validated the presentation of the project for a request for PPECF support with the commitment of ATIBT’s Sapelli producers in this concerted approach.


The project should be implemented during the month of March according to the following steps:


1) Comparative study of material yields according to the different existing rules
2) Development of technical and commercial documents facilitating communication
3) Training of operators and salespeople for the application of SATA rules.


Each new stage can only be started after validation by the professionals of the previous stage.


We encourage all Sapelli producers to join this project.

For that, do not hesitate to contact us: