Welcome to our new member : ENSTIB (France)


As the only public engineering school in France to train executive personnel, engineers, researchers etc. and to promote research studies and technology transfer for the wood industry, ENSTIB is the logical partner for foreign institutions willing to develop exchanges and partnerships in these fields with and within France.


Engineers, License Pro’ students and – since 2017 – apprentices, are trained in the domains of construction wood, furnishing and logistics, bio-economy, bio-refinery, robotics, manufactures 4.0… all  wood industry jobs’ of today and tomorrow. Since 1985, more than 3000 graduates of ENSTIB have contributed to the development of the wood network, in enterprises, Engineering consulting firms and research.

Why did you decide to join ATIBT?

Joining ATIBT is a necessity for ENSTIB, which has the authority to form students to develop towards the wood industry, which include tropical woods. This way, the school can benefit from an exceptional network of knowledge workers, from the tertiary (wood) raw material to the final consumer. It also enables them to develop new knowledge on the implementation of international projects dedicated to the responsible management of rain forests.

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