Summary of the 6th CDO of the PPECF held in Brazzaville in November 2017


The 6th Decision and Orientation Committee (CDO), the first of Phase 2, of the Program for the Promotion of Certified Forest Logging (PPECF) was held in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) on 23 and 24 November 2017. A preparatory workshop was followed by the actual CDO meeting.


By engaging in this phase 2, the German Cooperation (through KFW) is continuing its support to COMIFAC to strengthen the sustainable management of Congo Basin forests, while studying the complementarity of this action with those of other donors (AFD, EU and FAO mainly).


About forty participants took part in the preparatory workshop. Among them, the Executive Secretariat of COMIFAC, the GIZ-Support Program COMIFAC, representatives of the Directions in charge of forests (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and Gabon), civil society (SEEAC, Conservation Justice), donors (KFW, AFD) and certification labels (FSC, PEFC, OLB, FLV, VLC), certification bodies (Bureau Veritas, Rainforest Alliance, Nepcon), interbranch organizations (ATIBT, FIB in the DRC, UFIGA in Gabon), forest companies (CIB-Olam, IFO-Danzer, Rougier, ASIA Congo, TAMAN Industy, CFT, COTREFOR), a research institute (CIFOR), conservation NGOs (WCS, WWF) , the ingineering consulting firms (ONFi, TEREA, FRMi, Nature +, CIEFE) and the team of the PPECF Management Unit, headed by Mr. Romain LORENT (Cell Management Coordinator), assisted by Mr. Eric DASSIE (Regional Expert, Monitoring Evaluation and Communication PPECF), Mr. Jean- Paul GRANDJEAN (Backstoppeur) and Nicolas PERTHUISOT (PPECF Certification Expert). 


The aim of the preparatory workshop was to broaden and mature the reflections initiated by the consultant ECO Consult-Oréade Brèche, to discuss with the participants the lessons learned from Phase I and the expectations of each one, and to collect new ideas for projects and possible actions, to be addressed in the form of recommendations to the PPECF CDO.


Mr. Raymond NDOMBA NGOYE, Executive Secretary of COMIFAC, opened the meeting, and was then its moderator.


The priorities of the program are:

AXIS I: The conceptual and institutional conditions for certification are implemented

AX II: The quality of industrial exploitation is improved

AXIS III: Knowledge and perception of industrial logging in the Congo Basin are improved

ATIBT is a strategic partner of PPECF, with FSC, PEFC etc.


Among the important points discussed at the meeting, note:

  • the implementation of FSC Motion 65 and the concerted implementation of Motion No. 34, passed at the FSC General Assembly (Vancouver) on the Impact Assessment of the Implementation of Motion No. 65 ;
  • the development of national PAFC standards;
  • the best contribution of civil society organizations to the certification process;
  • training, with a significant need for forest stakeholders in the Congo Basin;
  • the use of the drone (either for mapping or for monitoring complex processes);
  • the creation of certified forest plantations, the economic profitability of logging operations in Central Africa, and environmental and social issues;
  • the initiatives and studies aimed at improving the material yield and the valorization of by-products such as charcoal;
  • the support from SMEs to community and communal forests towards certification
  • the marketing of African certified woods, necessary to improve their image among consumers in European markets.


About twenty participants (statutory members, guests and resource persons) already present at the preparatory workshop were convened to the CDO, which followed the preparatory workshop, with the following objectives:

  • the review of the recommendations made to the CDO after the preparatory workshop;
  • and the review of the budget of PPECF Phase 2 .


The CDO made the following general recommendations:

  • The priorities of PPECF 2 should focus on environmental and social aspects.
  • PPECF 2 must remain a support tool without taking the place of the stakeholders.

Certain more specific decisions of the ODC will condition the work of ATIBT and syndicates representing the private sector in the coming years. We can note in particular:


  • the support to all professional structures;
  • the continued support to forestry companies;
  • the support for the valorisation of by-products (charcoal, etc.) and additional values ​​through certification;
  • the support for the « Fair & Precious » brand, reserved for holders of a sustainable management certificate (FSC and PAFC to date) and mention on the « Fair & Precious » website the companies applying for certification;
  • the establishment of national focal points that will work both for PPECF 2 and the ATIBT-FLEGT project.

    On the sidelines of the CDO, was organized on the morning of 25 November a meeting of information and consultation between the PPECF Management Cell (CG) and the beneficiaries of the PPECF 2 present.

    The coaching tool developed by the CG PPECF was presented by Mr. Nicolas PERTHUISOT.