Women’s Trophies of the Industry from L’Usine Nouvelle


Patrizia Gatti Gregori (SNCF Réseau) wins the Sustainable Development Woman Award for the year 2018.

On September 25, L’Usine Nouvelle announced the presentation of the Women’s Industry Awards. Patrizia Gregori, from SNCF Réseau, member of ATIBT, received the Trophy of the Woman of Sustainable Development. This trophy rewards his tireless commitment to responsible consummation. This work led, between the certified companies of ATIBT and SNCF Réseau, a remarkable work of information and training of many actors of SNCF, for the use of tropical timber certified for the production of turnouts, but also in the framework of new generation stations, with SNCF Réseau.

As the Usine Nouvelle indicates in the article that you will find below, Patrizia Gregori is in favor of « growth, but not contempt for the planet », a way of thinking that the members of the ATIBT do not will not fail to validate. We transmit to him, since the ATIBT, all our congratulations.