Meeting of Gembloux students with UFIGA


This Monday, October 08, 2018, a delegation composed of 12 students, PhD students in Agro-Bio Technology from the University of Gembloux (Belgium), led by Anaïs GOREL, Assistant Professor Jean Louis Doucet and accompanied by Professor Alain SOUZA, Director of the Higher Institute of Agronomy and Biotechnology (INSAB) of Franceville (Gabon), met with Francoise VAN DE VEN, General Delegate of UFIGA at its headquarters.

This meeting aimed to present the UFIGA, its role, its missions as well as the different actions carried out and to discuss the dynamism of the wood industry in Gabon. We also reviewed the difficulties faced by operators and the impact of recent decisions on certification. The discussions ended with questions and answers, and the number of questions and topics discussed demonstrate the interest of his students in the Gabonese rainforest.

The students left Libreville the same day to join the exploitation site of PRECIOUS WOODS GABON-CEB in Bambidi in the Ogooué-Lolo thus continuing their scientific journey.

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