Think Tank for the sustainable management of the Congo Basin forests



On the initiative of ATIBT and with the support of PPECF and COMIFAC, a first think tank was held in Nogent sur Marne on May 16, 2018, entitled « How to stabilize the model of forest concessions certified in the Congo Basin? « . This meeting brought together 25 participants from diverse backgrounds (companies, donors, NGOs, researchers, experts) and identified five major areas of work:

1 – Improvement of the tropical wood image

2- Exploring new tropical wood markets

3- Give back value to forests

4- Valuing the services provided by foresters and actions to support certification

5- Working with Asian operators

A second edition of this think tank will be held at ATIBT, from 8 to 10 January 2019.

This new grouped reflection should make it possible to effectively influence the future of the sustainable exploitation of the forests of the Congo Basin, by taking advantage of all the actions carried out or not by the PPECF, and to act very concretely on the levers promoting sustainable forest management, certification. In particular, through specialists, but which will require more clear and achievable commitments and coordination to capitalize the potential impacts.

This work is intended to be a catalyst or accelerator for the important actions undertaken in the Congo Basin to reinforce the sustainable management of forests, and the certification of forest enterprises.