Mechanical tests and Durability


14 African species have been characterized.

The tests made it possible to characterize tropical species that are rarely used in terms of mechanical strength and durability, and to improve standards thanks to the C029 project (marketing sub-project) financed by KfW through COMIFAC and managed by PPECF and ATIBT as delegated project manager.

Forest companies co-financed the project by providing the wood needed for the tests (4.5 m3 per species tested). The results are as follows: The project will end with an estimation of the mechanical classes of all species characterized by CIRAD.

SpeciesMechanical Classification
Okan D40
Alep D75
Eveuss D70
Osanga D50
Monghinza D70
Ossoko D18
Tali D40
Limbali D35
Kanda D30
Mukulungu D70
Lati D50
Longhi D50

Species Durability Classification
Kosipo 2v
Osanga 2v
Tiama 3v