Franco-Japanese symposium of the Société Franco-Japonaise des Techniques Industrielles: Green and railways – from furniture to landscape


SFJTI organised a study tour of Oita to Tokyo for a delegation of SNCF architects from 12 to 19 January 2019 and closed the event with a seminar in a small committee.

During this trip, guided tours of traditional and modern wooden structures (trains, stations, shelters, temples…) and railway facilities were planned in order to measure the importance of wood in this culture.

Many participants attended the conference: SNJTI, CEIBois, SNCF, AREP, Association of Railway Architects, Tokyo University of Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology, ATIBT, as well as other wood construction companies. The ATIBT took advantage of this meeting with several architects who wanted support in projects where wood can be prescribed, particularly in the context of the developments to be carried out for the 2024 Olympic Games.