Implementation of a regional approach for the development of PAFC Congo Basin certification scheme



The ATIBT has just signed a contract with PPECF-COMIFAC (KFW funding) to develop a PAFC certification scheme for the Congo Basin and have it recognized by PEFC and set up a PAFC regional initiative.

PAFC certification is now present in Gabon and Cameroon is moving in this direction. There is also a PAFC organization in the Republic of Congo. This project is a unique opportunity to put in place a regional approach that replaces national initiatives while capitalizing on the experiences obtained.

This project aims to increase the forest area sustainably certified by developing an alternative for the certification of sustainable management of African forests. This will allow to make certification accessible and effective for all types of operators by adapting it to the context of the Basin of Congo.

The objectives of this project are:

• Development of the regional PAFC scheme by developing a harmonized and operational regional standard for sustainable forest management for the three countries, with an annex for each country to take into account national specificities, and the elaboration of system procedures PAFC Congo Basin certification scheme

Recognition by the PEFC Council of the PAFC Congo Basin Certification Scheme

• Institutionalization of a functional and sustainable regional initiative with the objective of operationalizing the system and developing it in the sub-region.

The project does not only seek the production of a tool but it seeks from the beginning to set up the conditions of its operation over time.

The project will be implemented by ATIBT who set up a full-time project coordinator from the start (then part-time), with the help of external technical assistance. It will be based on the involvement and mobilization of national PAFC actors (teams and stakeholders).A call for applications will be published soon, do not hesitate to circulate this information.