Study on the impact that roads have on tropical forest concessions



What genuine impact do logging concession roads have on tropical forests? Interesting survey from Bangor University and Cirad


The fragmentation of forests ecosystems, resulting from the opening of roads built for logging concessions, is an argument that arises when discussing the idea of maintaining Intact Forest landscapes. A recently published study that was picked up by the Global Landscape Forum provides interesting information on the impact that roads have on concessions and the forest’s ability to restore its cover:


According to the study:


  • Only 12% of the roads remain « open » (the main ones)
  • 88% of the roads are abandoned and closed between rotations (25/30 years)
  • less than 1% of the forest cover is removed due to roads
  • Roads abandoned during the 30 years between harvests have demonstrated a continuous regeneration path and could be used for plantations (fast-growing species)


The full study is here :

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