Work on IFLs has been ongoing since September



Barbara Haurez has produced an interim report on the study, conducted with the support of Nature Plus with AFD funding. In addition, and following discussions initiated on 1 September with the FSC, in the presence of FSC and WWF, three actions are underway:


  • the commissioning of a study to take stock of EFI practices, in order to raise awareness of the quality of certified companies’ current operations and to pursue the discussions with FSC that aim to revise the measures imposed by the IFLs;
  • the resumption of talks with PEFC/PAFC for the gradual establishment of dual certification;
  • consideration of an alliance with FSC-certified companies in the humid tropics, in Africa, America and Asia.


Quite recently, on 13 and 14 October, ATIBT met with FSC members from Africa and South America in Johannesburg. This meeting allowed the ATIBT members that were present to better understand FSC’s inner workings, and this will most likely lead to improved exchanges between FSC and ATIBT, especially on the sensitive IFL issue.