Have you read Meindert Brouwer’s book « Central Africa forests forever »?


The book is still available !

Exciting and rich in testimony and interesting articles, this book includes four chapters on sustainable forest management and addresses the topic of lesser-known species.
With nearly 300 color photos on 200 pages, the book is a beautiful gift! The content can also be a fabulous tool for inspiring and informative communication during workshops or seminars.

Members of ATIBT receive 50% discount when they order a copy of the book Central African Forests Forever.

Price of the book is 29,90 euro, special price for ATIBT-members is 14,95 euro, excluding postage costs. This offer is valid until March 21, 2019, International Forest Day.

International reviews of the book are excellent:  

About lesser known species, Patrick Martin and Elise Héral of ATIBT explain the benefits of the use of lesser known tree species. Now only a hundred or so of the thousands of tree species that are found in tropical forests around the world have commercial value. That poses a threat to the future of sustainable exploitation of tropical forests, also in Central Africa. The harvesting of lesser known tree species is essential for the sustainability of forest management plans and the safeguarding of tropical forests. It must be based on thorough research with regard to the resource, technical aspects and the market. ATIBT is carrying out this research.

In another chapter, there is an eyewitness report by Meindert Brouwer about sustainable forest management in practice in the concession of IFO in the Republic of Congo. A story telling how ecological, economic and social standards are met in the largest FSC-certified forest concession in central Africa.

Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg of FSC tells what FSC can do for forest communities and national governments in Central Africa and how an independent third-party FSC-certification is set up.

Finally, Ted van der Put of IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative explains the value of sustainable forest management to prevent deforestation and forest degradation. IDH’s Sustainable Forest Management toolkit for concession holders and forest owners, shows that it is feasible to run a sustainable business in tropical forests.

Recently international news site MONGABAY has published an interview about the book Central African Forests Forever.

Mongabay is the biggest nature news site in the world, 1.5 – 2 million visitors each month.

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