Launch of the ATIBT certification commission and call for expressions of interest to become a member


On February 13, 2019, the certification committee met in Nogent-Sur-Marne. Nicolas Perthuisot, Sophie Dirou (co-president) and Caroline Duhesme  met to establish the roadmap and the rules of this commission.
Here is the general presentation of this commission, and a call for expressions of interest to participate!

The main objectives of this commission are to bring together stakeholders concerned by forest certification issues, to fully contribute to the consultation and decision-making processes of new certification standards and finally to answer the questions of ATIBT members.

The certification committee consists of a chair, a secretariat and a member college. It meets twice a year when convened by the President, either physically or by teleconference.

Today, the call for demonstration to be a member is launched!

You are a member of the ATIBT, you agree to participate in the sessions, you bring information or research necessary to the needs of the commission, you are force proposals, the commission is waiting for you!

Major themes and working sessions will focus on the development of a monitoring and information mechanism on certification, and then on the follow-up of existing standards: For example for FSC, members will closely follow the topics Intact Forests Landscape (IFL), Motion 34 voted at the 2017 Vancouver FSC AG, but also will prepare the FSC 2020 AG and finally follow the development of national standards in Central Africa.
For PEFC, this will be mainly the follow-up of the regional PAFC project (managed by ATBT and co financed by PPECF).

The Certification Commission will also be involved in the monitoring and analysis of legality certification schemes, monitor the National Strategy against Import Deforestation (SNDI) and finally explore the opportunities for Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES).

The certification commission anchors its approach within the framework of the sustainable development objectives.(SDO)

The proposed regulation of the certification commission, and the roadmap are written and are available to members of the ATIBT.

For more information, thanks to contact  Caroline Duhesme