The OFAC maps which were presented at Shanghai are online


At the conference « Together towards global green supply chains » in Shanghai, COMIFAC and ATIBT displayed the new OFAC maps entitled « Assessment and Challenges of the Wood Industry in the Congo Basin » and « Forest Concessions in the Congo Basin ».

These maps, which were prepared with the technical support of FRMi, present all forest permits in the Congo Basin, as well as their management and certification situations. They also contain production, fiscal and other information from the report « « Développement intégré et durable de la filière bois dans le Bassin du Congo – Regional strategic report – African Development Bank / FRMi », 2018. The two maps, as well as other thematic maps, can be downloaded for free from the OFAC website.

This site contains a lot of other information as well, see also the link:

In particular the « Cartography » menu allows to personalize maps to be printed, and to search for individual information about the concessions, such as the name of the companies to which concessions are awarded. Updates and maintenance of the site are possible thanks to the financial support of the German Cooperation. ATIBT collaborates with COMIFAC and FRMi to collect up-to-date information to maintain the quality of information in the observatory.

We therefore ask anyone who notices an error in the information on the site to contact the OFAC team to send corrections. Thank you in advance!