« Wood- Building the Bioeconomy » CEI-Bois


In November 2018 the European Commission released its vision “A Clean Planet for All”, a long-term strategy for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050.

The European Parliament backed such vision and called for the EU to raise its climate ambitions already by 2030, by increasing the greenhouse gases emission reduction target to 55%. More recently, the President of the European Commission, Mrs Ursula Von der Leyen, committed to present an “European Green Deal” that should become the first European Climate Law to enshrine the 2050 climate-neutrality target into legislation.

“Looking ahead, it becomes increasingly evident that the shift towards a European climate-neutral economy will have to encompass all aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic. This will ensure that the pursuit of our environmental goals will provide new opportunities for development and growth in a socially fair way. This is where sustainable wood products enter the picture. The European woodworking industries provide renewable alternatives to fossil-based and carbon-intensive materials; they source their raw materials from sustainably managed forests and process them in a resource-efficient way that minimises waste and enhance circularity. As such they are a building block of the European circular bioeconomy that brings jobs in urban and rural areas.

In particular, wood in construction provides promising perspectives in meeting the housing challenges in Europe while delivering a unique environmental performance that helps reducing the release in the atmosphere of carbon, as also recognized by the European Commission.” Simona Bonafè member of European Parliament. 

CEI-Bois’ brochure « Wood- Building the Bioeconomy » shows the full potential of natural, renewable and recyclable materials that meet the expectations of European citizens.

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