Certified tropical wood is much more than just wood


Fair&Precious forest managers apply the strictest environmental standards and devote significant budgets to ensuring that they are respected and controlled by independent bodies. For them, good practices and respect must take precedence over all other considerations.

« Certified tropical wood is much more than just wood. « If this slogan is obvious to ATIBT, it was still necessary to be able to demonstrate it.

This is why ATIBT has created a series of 8 clips, which describe the values and commitments of Fair&Precious forest managers:

  • Preservation of natural resources,
  • Assistance to local populations,
  • Fight against poaching;
  • Participation in the economic and social development of the countries of the Congo Basin.


Fair&Precious forest managers contribute to the protection of wildlife, ensuring that it maintains its vital space and preserving it through actions to fight wildlife crime.


The production of FSC and PEFC-PAFC certified wood takes an average of one to two trees per hectare every 30 years. This rigorous selection ensures that Fair&Precious managers harvest less than the overall natural increase.

Clip n°3 SOCIAL

Fair&Precious forest managers contribute to the well-being of families living in forest concessions by providing them with access to a wide range of services, such as education, medical care and housing.


Supporting Fair&Precious forest managers means supporting responsible forest management and participating in the socio-economic development of the countries of the Congo Basin.

Clip n°5 CLIMATE

Sustainable and responsible forest management reduces air pollution and has a positive effect on the climate.

Clip n°6 DECKING

Naturally resistant to external aggressions, aesthetic and ecological, wood from FSC or PEFC-PAFC forest concessions is an ideal solution for the construction of terraces, swimming pool beaches and other outdoor installations.


Tropical woods offer a wide range of intense colours unknown among European species. These give them a real uniqueness and highly sought-after aesthetic qualities, which have made them famous in sectors such as furniture, carpentry, cabinet-making and decoration.


The technical advantages of tropical wood are numerous: mechanical properties, durability, machinability, stability… these qualities make it an exceptional building material that naturally responds, without modification or treatment, to all kinds of uses.

Available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch), they are available on the Fair&Precious website, YouTube and social networks. ATIBT invites all actors and partners in sustainable forest management to disseminate them widely.