Calls for tenders : ATIBT is looking for consulting agencies/consortium


Within the framework of component 1 of the FLEGT REDD project financed by the FFEM, ATIBT is launching two calls for tender:

– Feasibility study and elaboration of 2 timber plantation project proposals

– Feasibility study and elaboration of 2 agroforestry project proposals

The general objective of the actions is to contribute to the evolution of the model of forest concessions with a view to making the rainforest a sustainable lever for the development of populations and territories. To ensure the diversification of activities aimed at securing wood resources, restoring degraded forests, and protecting forests not allocated as forest permits from overexploitation.

Application files must reach the ATIBT offices at the following address no later than 31 January 15:00:

Jardin Tropical, 45 bis, Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94736 Nogent-sur-Marne, France

T:  +33 1 43 94 72 68

Via email :

Maylis Borelli

Jacqueline Van de Pol

They should include:

1. Letter of application

2. A tax declaration of existence or any other document proving the legal existence of the structure

3. A clear and succinct technical proposal (6 pages)

a. Description of the consultancy/consortium (experience in the fields of the study)

b. Methodology

c. Human, material, logistical and mission resources

d. Calendar

Attach the CVs of the experts and a list of the experiences of the consortium’s design offices on the subject.

4. A financial proposal.

5. The declaration on honour in the Annex completed and signed.

The evaluation of the bids will be based on the quality of the technical offer and the experience of the experts and the consultancy/consortium.