From seed to window: sustainable and certified management of tropical forests

Precious Woods company is releasing a series of films, made from a collective work with ATIBT and IMAGEO, on its activities in sustainable management of tropical forests and its partnerships with research institutions.

Crédits : IMAGEO

« When it comes to sustainable forest management, the role of foresters is not to simply cut wood but to truly manage the forest” explains the film.

But what is a sustainable exploitation? Why set up partnerships between foresters and research centers? What is the role of industry in the sustainability of the supply chain? All these questions are addressed in this short film entitled "From seed to window", demonstrating the importance of considering the whole supply chain to ensure the sustainability of wood products.

Precious Woods also looks back at its involvement in the field of tropical forest research, through its partnership with the Belgian association Nature+, and with the Millet group, French manufacturer of doors and windows.

The films, in English and French versions as well as subtitled, are available on the Precious Woods YouTube channel.

Access the films "From the seed to the window"