Bonus Harvest continues its commitment to sustainable forest management certification

After obtaining its LegalSource certificate last July and becoming an ATIBT member, Bonus Harvest, which operates in Gabon, continues its efforts to sustainably manage forests.

As relayed by BFConsult on its LinkedIn page, WWF teams recently came to carry out a photo trap recovery mission.

This mission is part of the implementation of the Bonus Harvest Wildlife Protection Plan in order to assess, among other things, the richness of terrestrial mammals within the Forest Management Unit 2, which is currently being exploited (scheduled to close in 2025), with the Lolo-Ogooué confluence forming its northern natural boundary, and to characterize the influence of this exploitation on the inventoried populations.

This inventory using photographic traps will also make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the management measures implemented by Bonus Harvest's Wildlife and Illegal Activities Monitoring Department, which recently hired a new Wildlife Manager.

A video with images of the photographic pieces is available in the BFConsult post.