A new partner for Fair&Precious: the MILLET group joins the collective

Fair&Precious, the collective for the sustainable management of the Congo Basin forests, welcomes the MILLET group that joins the initiative.

A member of the ATIBT since 2022, MILLET, a manufacturer of tailor-made entrance doors and windows, is committed to the development of responsible business practices: fully aware of its responsibility as an industrial company, the group does everything possible to achieve well thought-out and controlled growth. The artisanal gesture of the past is enriched by the technicality of today to create and innovate in the field of exterior joinery and wood-frame façade. Its commitment to a sustainable world is part of the company's mission, alive and evolving, and is a driving force in its development.

At the MILLET Group, sustainable development echoes family and artisanal practices and... common sense! Located in the heart of the bocage, the company knows the value of natural resources.

"Working with certified wood producers is a requirement, not an option. For us, forests are a precious asset, essential for regulating the climate and biodiversity. It is a matter of managing the forest sustainably, not damaging it during harvesting, but rather ensuring its sustainability. It is important for us to study and understand by conducting applied research in order to better manage forest dynamics".

Moreover, producing with respect for resources, people, employees and customers, and economic balance is a principle that forms the basis of MILLET's ecological commitment.

For more than 10 years, MILLET has also been recycling old wooden windows in order to transform them into furniture: "We are not responsible for a single link in the chain, it is our duty to be involved in the entire cycle to improve it and reduce our impact on wood as much as possible.”

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