A new Chairman for the RIFFEAC Board of Directors and call for applications for the position of regional coordinator

Mr. Gilbert Paluku Mutiviti, Dean of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the Catholic University of Graben in the DRC, becomes the new Chairman of the RIFFEAC Board of Directors.

On the afternoon of February 14, the members of the RIFFEAC Board of Directors, almost in its entirety, elected Prof. Gilbert PALUKU MUTIVITI to head the Network for a three-year term.

This election was organized by the Adhoc Committee, which was set up last December to ensure the transition within the RIFFEAC governance bodies.

Prof. Florent Serge BOLEVANE-OUANTINAM, Director of the ISDR in Mbaïki, CAR, will take on the role of Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The project carried by the incoming Chairman of the Board of Directors is based on three major issues:

  • To improve the internal functioning of the Network (texts, membership fees, scientific review);
  • To continue and intensify the external relations of RIFFEAC, in particular with the technical and financial partners and the private sector;
  • To strengthen the visibility and quality of the training courses offered by the network (training of trainers, bilingualism, labeling of training courses, valorization of internal expertise, etc.)

This election comes at a pivotal moment in the life of RIFFEAC. With the support of the Adhoc Committee and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Gilbert Paluku Mutiviti launched a call for applications on February 15 to recruit the new RIFFEAC regional coordinator.

Consult the call for applications