Preferred by Nature Webinar on April 27: How to navigate the new Sourcing Hub and give stakeholder input?

You buy timber or commodities that may be linked to deforestation and you are looking to ensure the legality of your products. We are relaying Preferred by Nature's invitation to their upcoming webinar on the Sourcing Hub tool (in French).

You can find the invitation and registration link on :

the Preferred by Nature website


We invite you to our next webinar on our new Sourcing Hub. Learn how to navigate our new platform, stay informed about your supply chain risks, and share your questions or feedback on available data.

The Sourcing Hub, developed by Preferred by Nature, is an open-access database providing information on deforestation risks and solutions to address them.

Because we value all of the feedback we receive from external stakeholders by updating our risk data on an ongoing basis, we will also present how you can contribute and keep up to date with recently added or updated data.

The webinar will take place on April 27, 2023 from 4:00-5:30 PM CEST via Zoom.

To participate, you can register via the link below. Due to limited places, registration requests will be processed by order of reception. For any questions, please contact Julie Thirsgaard Hansen (


  1. Presentation of the new version of the Sourcing Hub
  2. Register your supply chain profile and be informed of the developments
  3. Stakeholder contributions and engagement - how and why?
  4. The Sourcing Hub in the future
  5. Questions and Answers

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