Welcome to Keflico, a new member of ATIBT

Keflico, a Danish timber trader and supplier, joined the ATIBT in 2023.

Keflico A/S is a Danish timber trader and supplier, active since 1953. We’re a prominent player in the Danish market for hardwood and wood-based panels and boards. We’ve developed our deep market access to the Danish industry and builders' merchants through classic virtues such as timely delivery, good service, close collaboration with our business partners, and a diversified product catalogue of more than 2200 wood products.

« Our fascination with wood as a material, and the many possibilities it provides, defines our company. With over 70 years of experience Keflico unceasingly strives to perform according to our core values: reliable quality, competitive prices, and respect for our business partners. For new ideas, for nature, and a profound respect for the environment. We supply timber from all over the world, and for us responsible forestry is the only way forward. Therefore, Keflico publishes a yearly ESG-report which details the sustainability steps we’ve taken, and future initiatives in the pipeline. We’re proud to offer our B2B customers access to our wide product range directly from our warehouse, and now also from our online web shop at As of 2023, we have an annual turnover of € 67,000,000 and last year we brought 34,930 tonnes of wood-based products to market. We strongly support certified forestry and sustainable logging, and 83% of our products are FSC, PEFC, and OLB certified. »