ATIBT and Precious Forests Foundation join forces to support sustainable tropical forest management

Precious Forests Foundation has recently signed a partnership agreement with ATIBT.

PRECIOUS FORESTS FOUNDATION (PFF) is dedicated to improving the sustainable use and valorization of tropical forests thus contributing to the lasting preservation of their ecosystem services for both local communities and the planet as well as to the responsible, multiple use of their renewable wood and non-wood products.

The Foundation promotes and finances innovations based on applied research, relevant to the practice of sustainable certified forest management. Our goal is to improve certified SFM through knowledge and innovative solutions so that it becomes a viable business model to protect forests, provide livelihoods to local communities, and to be attractive for (impact) investments.

As a member of ATIBT, PFF aims to join forces to promote the sustainable use of tropical forests, initiate new partnerships, co-finance selected projects and jointly communicate about the importance of sustainable forest management.