News on the implementation of Motion 23: call for applications to join the Southern Environmental Chamber of the Focus Forest Advisory Group

FSC is currently recruiting a candidate from the Southern Environmental Chamber to sit on the Focus Forest Advisory Group (FFAG) and Technical Working Group to implement Motion 23 on Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) from January 1, 2024.

Precious Woods

Applications must be sent no later than December 15 to


This vacant seat is ideally for a member with experience in tropical forest management and ecology in IFLs.

The objective of the Focus Forests Advisory Group (FFAG) is to advise the FSC International Board and Secretariat. Members of the FFAG are appointed by the FSC Board of Directors and applications are reviewed against criteria in the Terms of Reference which include: 

  • Reference to practical experience in management of certified areas within IFLs, preferably with experience in tropical IFL management

  • Expressed desire to seek and reach consensus on innovative and/or controversial issues

  • Knowledge and experience of FSC’s systems and procedures  

  • Ability to review and comment in the FFAG’s working language (English) 

  • Support for FSC’s mission and vision   

  • Submission of 2 support letters from Environmental South sub-chamber members of FSC

  • Balance in gender and diversity will be considered in the final appointment.


For more information, please read:

The FFAG terms of reference

The Working Group terms of reference


And here's some news on Motion 23.

A webinar presenting the progress made in implementing Motion 23 was held on November 29.


Download presentation


The objective of FSC proposed work plan to implement Motion 23 is to develop a set of criteria for FSC management of Management Units in intact forest landscapes (IFLs) at the landscape level through the engagement of members, Standards Development Groups (SDGs), stakeholders and partnerships. In this way, the SDGs will be able to implement a landscape-aware process to protect and manage intact forest landscapes by following requirements developed, relevant and published within the FSC normative framework.

To achieve this, 4 guidelines will be drawn up:

  • Guidance 1: Support for Standards Development Groups (SDGs) to identify landscapes in the country/region consider the MU in the landscape

  • Guidance 2: Support for SDGs to map social, environmental and economic stakeholders in the landscape

  • Guidance 3: Landscape scenario building methodology and support for efficient use in FSC, including training of staff


  • Guidance 4: Evaluation and monitoring solutions for the landscape scenario implementation, while managing risks


These guidances will be used by standards development groups to propose IFL indicators, and are currently being consulted by the FFAG (Focus Forest Advisory Group), on which the ATIBT has a seat. They will be tested in 2024 through a Pilot approach that enables SDGs to use these new guidelines in real-life situations, i.e. for existing certificates and for new certifications, and to define IFL indicators that will subsequently be incorporated into the FSC normative framework by 2025/2026. This will enable companies already certified to implement future new requirements.