EUDR : PEFC and FSC mobilised to support their members

With the European Union's Regulation against Deforestation (RDUE) coming into force on 29 June 2023, the FSC and PEFC certification bodies are getting organised to meet the expectations of their members and promote sustainable management certification under this new regulation.



PEFC has set up several tools to inform its members as widely as possible and help them prepare for the implementation of the EUDR.


A web page to centralize information

On a dedicated page of its website, PEFC reaffirms its commitment to the fight against deforestation, and explains how sustainable management certification prevents deforestation and helps maintain forest ecosystems, thanks to strict forest management criteria. In addition to this section, PEFC has created a landing page centralizing all the information required by companies.


Consult the PEFC page on EUDR


This new page brings together information on the EUDR and PEFC's commitments in line with this regulation. It also presents the work of the EUDR Task Force, as well as PEFC's roadmap in line with the regulation's agenda.


A dedicated e-mail address

PEFC has set up an e-mail address to collect questions about the EUDR from companies and organizations.


All these questions can now be sent to


Working together

Two Task Forces are currently open for applications:

  • A Task Force on forest management aspects of the EUDR, open only to PEFC members. Applications are open until December 12, with a first meeting scheduled for December 19. You can apply here.

  • A Task Force on data aspects of the EUDR, open to all. Applications are open until December 8. You can apply here.


PEFC is also organizing two webinars in early 2024:

  • For PEFC members, a EUDR 103 webinar on January 24 from 11:30am to 1pm CET on the latest news on the regulation. Click here to register.

  • Open to all, a webinar on February 27 at 11am. More information to come.


From FSC

FSC has also put together a range of tools to inform its members and help them comply with the EUDR.


EUDR web page

FSC has posted an RDUE page on its website. This page underlines that the requirements of sustainable management are aligned with those of the regulation.

It also points out that FSC is currently developing a toolbox for companies, with a view to the regulation's entry into force in December 2024.



A Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to questions that companies may have. This FAQ is divided into two parts: the first deals with the regulation itself, and the second with the concordances between the regulation and the FSC scheme.


Download the FSC EUDR FAQ



A factsheet

FSC also provides an explanatory sheet called "FSC Journey to enable EUDR compliance". This sheet takes up the EUDR requirements point by point, and compares each point with the FSC scheme's compliance level, showing in particular that the requirements in terms of legality and social protection are already met for FSC-certified companies.


FSC Journey to enable EUDR compliance


ATIBT has been mobilized since the beginning of the draft regulations. To read the various articles published on this subject, click here.


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