The "Technical Guide for the Marketing of Tropical Veneers" can now be downloaded from the new ATIBT website


This guide was recently reviewed and edited with support from the Fair & Precious program. It sets out as simply as possible the quality and measurement criteria for tropical veneers, sheets of wood less than 6 mm thick, obtained by peeling operations (total or semi-circular), slicing or sawing.

Technical Guide for the Marketing of Tropical Veneers


These classification rules have been updated by Patrick MARTIN (ATIBT), Bernard CHEVALDONNET and Sabine BOURY (UIPC) to comply with the latest versions of international and European standards.

This professional document constitutes a reference of the state of the art. Also, any additional specification must be clearly specified in the sales contract.

The publication of this document is an integral part of the development of the Fair & Precious collective brand, which aims to promote good practices in forest management.

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