New partners for the brand Fair&Precious


All ATIBT members, regardless of their status, are reminded that they can become partners of the brand simply as members of the Association.

Fair&Precious, the collective and collaborative brand for the sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin, welcomes its 5 new partners, all of them ATIBT members.


Vandecasteele Houtimport is a Belgian family business, one of the largest timber import companies in Europe. Vandecasteele is committed to supplying wood from sustainable forest management. Through its responsible purchasing procedures, the company guarantees the legality and traceability of its timber. It invests in new IT tools to track and trace wood from the source to ensure that it complies with the EUTTR. Since its first certification in 1999, the company has continued this long-term commitment, which is the governing principle at all levels. Most timbers already have FSC®, PEFC, OLB or NEPCON Legal Source certification. For the year 2025, the company is committed to buying only certified wood.


Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, a faculty at the forefront of sustainable development, trains bioengineers through a comprehensive five-year program. Several distinct study programmes enable students to specialise in key areas of life sciences, such as the management of forests and natural areas. Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech is home to a research team specialised in tropical forestry. In Central Africa, it has established numerous collaborative agreements with research and training institutions as well as with the private sector.


BVRio is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote the use of market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws and support the green economy. Although originally focused on promoting environmental compliance in Brazil, BVRio has recently expanded its scope and activities to face up to global challenges, including the promotion of the production and trade of legal and certified tropical timber.

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) promotes the interests of the timber trade across Europe, representing key national federations for importers, merchants and distributors. The ETTF liaises with and lobbies government and governmental bodies at national and international level, engages with environmental and other NGOs and provides a discussion and networking forum for the EU timber trade on key issues, from legislation and the environment, to sustainable timber promotion and best practice.


The professional association Le Commerce du Bois (LCB) was founded in 2000. It brings together the French companies specialized in timber and by-product distribution. LCB is the result of the merger of several federations, including the federations of tropical and American timber importers. Concerning importers, LCB regularly organizes Tropical Timber meetings which aim at promoting LCB members and tropical timber to specifiers and users. All the members of LCB have signed the Environmental Chart of responsible trade, based on two pillars: compliance with regulations and promotion of certified timber products.

It is by combining our efforts that we will effectively combat illegal logging, biodiversity loss and global warming. This is why the Fair&Precious team is convinced of the need for partnerships in order to take the most concrete action to improve the tropical timber sector.

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