One Planet Summit "mobilize and act for biodiversity"


The 4th edition, organized by France with the support of the United Nations and the World Bank, was held on January 11, 2021.

The link between climate change and the degradation of biodiversity is no longer to be demonstrated. In addition, the decline of ecosystems and natural habitats increases the risk of disease transmission from animals to humans, as is the case with coronavirus.

The One Planet Summit, held mainly by videoconference, federated political mobilization by proposing concrete and innovative solutions to protect biodiversity.

11 Heads of State and Government participated : Canada, Costa Rica, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Italy, Mauritania, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom, as well as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Prince of Wales, the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council and business leaders, civil society leaders and other representatives of international organizations.

Four themes were discussed in particular : (i) The protection of marine and terrestrial areas; (ii) the promotion of agroecology; (iii) the financing of biodiversity; and (iv) the protection of tropical forests, species and human health.

Below, we present the main conclusions and decisions taken :

Protection of marine and terrestrial spaces

  • A new coalition for the Mediterranean Sea, "Méditerranée une mer exemplaire en 2030", was launched by Spain, France and the Principality of Monaco.

The Coalition of High Ambition for Nature and Mankind now includes 52 States that are committed to working to protect 30% of land and marine areas by 2020. France is committed to this goal by 2022.

Promoting agro-ecology

  • The "Accelerator of the Great Green Wall" program was presented. The objective of this multi-actor initiative is to catalyze the financial efforts of all donors to give impetus to the greening of the Sahel (an African ambition launched in 1980). The partners of the initiative have pledged to mobilize approximately 14 billion euros for the 11 countries concerned by 2025.
  • Support for the planting of 7,000 km of agricultural hedges in France by 2022 was announced by the President of the Republic.

Mobilizing funding for biodiversity

  • The Alliance for Natural Capital Investments was launched. The goal is to mobilize $10 billion for nature by 2022.
  • A coalition for the convergence of climate and biodiversity financing has been created to build more synergies between climate action and biosphere preservation (Canada, France, Norway and the United Kingdom).
  • Canada announced that it will contribute up to C$55 million (€35.3 million) to the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund (LDF) to support sustainable land management and restoration, particularly in Africa. France announced that it would also join the initiative.
  • Discussions focused on the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure, which aims to better measure the impacts of companies on nature for better transparency and a reorientation of investments in favor of companies committed to nature.

Protecting forests, species and human health

  • With the support of the FA0, France has launched the PREZODE (PREventing ZOonotic Diseases Emergence) initiative to establish unprecedented international cooperation for the prevention of new pandemics from animal reservoirs. It already brings together 400 researchers and experts in human, animal and environmental health at the national level.
  • Discussions on imported deforestation revealed that, in addition to national strategies developed by France and the Netherlands in particular, the European Parliament and the European Commission are committed to a timetable that will enable strong decisions to be taken to combat imported deforestation in 2021. The President of the French Republic called for the establishment of cooperation between Europe and Africa in order to produce plant proteins using agro-ecological methods.
  • The alliance for the preservation of tropical and humid forests is now up and running and invites States to join the first "core group" of countries (donors and foresters).
  • The One Planet Summit initiative was launched in 2017, 3 years and 3 summits later it is: 40 years of coalitions and concrete initiatives, 121 countries involved in coalitions, 308 research projects led by 3,305 researchers around the world.

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