Regalis new partner for Fair&Precious !


Fair&Precious, the initiative for sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin, welcomes its 40th partner, Regalis, who recently requested it.

Member of ATIBT, Regalis is an international timber trading company. It sells lumber, rotary veneers, glue lam joinery components and panels, logs, solid flooring, and joist. The wood comes from West Africa, Central Africa and Europe. Régalis intends to contribute to the development of the Fair&Precious brand values.

For the 40th partnership, Fair&Precious affirms its willingness to bring together importing companies, as well as research organizations, design offices, NGOs and associations committed to the sustainable management of tropical forests. At the heart of the Fair&Precious project is the desire to pool the efforts of these actors of the tropical timber industry to position tropical species as materials with multiple environmental and socio-economic advantages. The Fair&Precious website is intended to be a resource for partners : a communication kit, which will include press articles, Fair&Precious logos, its graphic charter and visuals of its 10 commitments, is currently being developed.

It is by combining our efforts to combat illegal logging, biodiversity decline and global warming that we will make them effective. This is why the Fair&Precious team is convinced that partnerships are needed to take the most concrete and effective action to improve the tropical timber industry.