The collections of short movies to raise awareness of the actors of the forest and wood industry available on Youtube!


How does forest certification work in the company? Why is safety at work important? What is FLEGT? When do I need to do a management plan? How should I implement the timber traceability of my company? The answers in image.

As part of the FLEGT-REDD, FLEGT-IP and FLEGT certification projects (financed respectively by the French Facility for Global Environment, the European Union and the PPECF), the Syndicat des Producteurs Industriels du Bois en Côte d'Ivoire (SPIB), the Union des Forestier et Industriels du Bois du Gabon (UFIGA) and ATIBT commissioned the production of short movies to raise awareness of the forest and wood industry on the major issues involving the private sector.

The two collections are now almost complete!

Four new translations have been added to the panel available for the forest sector.

All available videos:


Good practices

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