Press release to importers of tropical wood in France and Belgium


The IMM (Independent Monitoring of the Timber Market under FLEGT licence) publishes a press release to the attention of French and Belgian tropical wood importers.

Following the fitness check of the EUTR and the FLEGT Action Plan, IMM (Independent Monitoring of the Timber Market under FLEGT licence) will be conducting again its annual trade survey of the tropical hardwood trade. As a reminder, IMM uses trade flow analysis and market surveys to independently assess market impacts of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs). This five-year monitoring programme is funded by the European Commission and hosted by the International Tropical Timber Organisation.

After a particularly eventful year, the network of IMM national correspondents* will be contacting tropical hardwood importers and traders to get an update on market conditions over the past 9 months. Some specific questions have been included to get feedback on the many impacts of COVID 19 on the trade as well reactions to the first conclusions of the EUTR fitness check.

It is important to underline that this survey is not linked in any way to the EUTR compliance checks carried out by National Competent Authorities.  Furthermore, this questionnaire remains completely anonymous, so it is impossible to correlate any given company with the information summarized in the final report.

All the results will be published on the IMM website: and in the IMM online newsletter which you should normally, already be receiving. If this is not the case, please let us know.


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For any further information please contact the IMM national correspondent for your market:


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Independent Timber Market Monitoring

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