To ATIBT, LCB and Fedustria importing members: Finalization of the data collection on the Themis portal


ATIBT, LCB and Fedustria launched the Themis project in early April among their timber importing members. The Themis portal collects data on certified timber imports to monitor the flow of timber from sustainably managed forests.

Since the beginning of 2021, ATIBT has been participating with the European timber trade federations Fedustria and TTF in the development of a data collection tool on timber imports.

As a reminder, as "importer" members of ATIBT, we count on your commitment to responsible trade to indicate your annual 2020 purchase data via this online tool: (available in English and French). In the next few days, the company dashboard on the portal will be enriched with new features.

We invite you to complete the portal by June 18.

If you have any problems logging in or filling in your data, please contact Josépha Coache (

Download the FAQ

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