The AFD Forest Committee's Leaflet n°2


As a reminder, created in 2019, AFD's Scientific and Technical Committee for Forests is tasked with implementing the guidelines of the National Group of Tropical Froets (GNFT).

In this newsletter, the Forest Committee reports on its new publications and on the progress of ongoing projects. In particular, it publishes its 5th publication and first Policy Note, "Defining the forest to better fight deforestation". This concludes the "Definitions and tools for monitoring imported deforestation" project, which was co-led by CIFOR, CIRAD and IRD.

In addition, three studies were finalized this fall: two studies on zero deforestation certification of the soy and cocoa sectors, and a preparatory study for the "Soy Impact" project, which has already been completed.

Finally, the Committee's newsletter reviews the activities of the "certification" workshop. Within the framework of this project, several workshops were organized in 2021, including a workshop dedicated to the timber sector organized by the FSC on November 18. A workshop with PEFC will be held in January 2022.

Click here to read the Forest Committee's November 2021 newsletter (in French).