ClientEarth launches this month a consultation on women's rights in the forestry sector in Gabon and the Republic of Congo


This mission will focus on the status of women's rights in the forestry sector legislation applicable in Gabon and support to Gabonese and Congolese civil society through capacity strenghting and gender inclusion.

ClientEarth launches this month a consultation on women's rights in the forestry sector in Gabon and the Republic of Congo

 Credits : Le Nouveau Gabon


This consultation will be conducted under ClientEarth's Climate and Forests program. The objective of the person recruited for this mission will be to analyze the laws and draw recommendations for reforms and the conduct of community activities.

Activities will focus on two main activities:

  • Produce a report analyzing the provisions related to women's rights in the constitution, relevant international treaties and Gabonese forestry legislation
  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations on women's rights and gender sensitive approaches to forest governance in Gabon and the Republic of Congo

The report will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What is the place of gender in the regulatory and institutional framework governing forest management in Gabon?
  • What is the degree of women's involvement in access to natural resources, decision-making and benefit sharing in forest management?
  • What are the barriers and obstacles to women's participation in forest governance processes?
  • What is the level of awareness and/or understanding of women's role in community forestry?
  • Practical suggestions for promoting effective participation of women in community forestry
  • Recommendations on the integration of provisions promoting women's rights in the future revision and consolidation of forestry legislation

Once the report is written, it will be presented to Gabonese civil society groups and will serve as a preamble to facilitate exchanges among Congolese civil society organizations for the development of a gender-sensitive advocacy approach to strengthen women's rights in the forestry sector.

In addition, two training of trainers workshops for the conduct of gender sensitive community activities will be organized in Libreville and Brazzaville. There are also plans to develop training modules for community forest managers to ensure the inclusion of gender issues.

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