The DYNAFAC collective for the improvement of the sustainability of forest management plans in Central Africa


The DYNAFAC collective, of which ATIBT is a member, is a group of structures concerned with the monitoring of forest dynamics based on a network of sites and permanent devices installed in the forests of Central Africa. Forest management in the countries of the Congo Basin is currently facing a major challenge: the renewal of management plans, as their first phase will soon be completed. What changes are needed to improve these management plans? How can they be implemented? The DYNAFAC collective has published a summary of recommendations for public decision-makers.

Photo Credit : DYNAFAC

The DYNAFAC collective promotes the improvement of management plans in COMIFAC countries. Its technical recommendations, which are addressed firstly to political decision-makers and forestry administrations, are divided into 5 main areas

  1. Adapt management to the 10 major forest types present in Central Africa, thus taking into account the diversity of forest types in the Congo Basin.
  2. Standardize the duration of rotation to 30 years in order to promote the reconstitution of exploited populations, which currently vary between 20 and 30 years in Central Africa.
  3. Rebuild stocks to 100% for the group of commercial species and at least 50% for each of these species, taking into account removals.
  4. Revise and standardize minimum harvestable diameters on a regional basis, based on biological considerations, in order to maintain a representative number of seed trees.
  5. Install forest dynamics monitoring systems in all major concessions to determine local parameters to be used in management plans.

In addition, the DYNAFAC collective recommends the implementation of initiatives and tools to promote the regeneration of exploited species and to better preserve the fauna: 70 to 90% of woody species need animals to disperse their seeds and therefore to ensure their natural regeneration.

The summary note can be downloaded here.