How trees can save agriculture: the answer in a recently published book on agroforestry


We share here the publication of a new book on agroforestry, written by Emmanuel Torquebiau, a specialist in agroforestry and tropical ecology and a CIRAD researcher emeritus.

The objective of this book, entitled The Agroforestry Book - How Trees Can Save Agriculture, is to disseminate with pedagogy the available information on agroforestry practices. It is intended for farmers and technicians as well as students and the general public. A precise table of contents, chapter summaries and a detailed index at the end of the volume make it a practical tool for readers.

With the help of numerous examples and a rich iconography, The Agroforestry Book aims to stimulate new initiatives and to encourage the widespread development of agroforestry.

Learn more about The Agroforestry Book - How trees can save agriculture

Speaking of agroforestry, the ATIBT Agroforestry and Plantations Commission was held this Wednesday, July 5. We'll tell you more about the discussions and presentations from this meeting in next week's newsletter!