IFL: a first step in the implementation of Motion 23


The FSC issued at the very end of 2022 the advice note for the interim measure called for in Motion 23. The revised note went into effect on January 1, 2023, the first step toward implementation of the LFI Motion 23.

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We relay below the FSC press release.

At the 9th FSC General Assembly in Bali in 2022, the FSC membership passed Motion 23/2020 and associated Implementation Note which requires the use of landscape-wide approaches adapted to local conditions and strengthened Standard Development Groups (SDGs) to improve protection of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs). The Secretariat took immediate action and announces the publication of a revised Advice Note for IFLs to implement the interim measures required by the passed Motion 23 (including the interpretation note).

Motion 65/2014, approved by the FSC membership at the 7th General Assembly in Seville in 2014, called for the protection of the vast majorities of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs) within the FSC certified Management Units. This has been implemented through IFL-specific International Generic Indicators (IGI) in FSC-STD-60-004 V2-0, and through the Advice Note ADV-20-007-018 for areas where there are no approved Forest Stewardship Standards based on V2-0 of the IGI.

However, regional studies on the implementation of Motion 65/2014, and concerns from stakeholders, called for a revision. This revision was proposed – and widely supported by FSC members –during the FSC General Assembly in October 2022.

The first step in the revision is a revised Advice Note (ADVICE-20-007-18 V2-0) addressing interim measures to maintain stewardship of Intact Forest Landscapes in Latin America, including the Amazon and in Central Africa. The Advice Note has been subject to a targeted consultation, was approved, and is available in the FSC-DIR-20-007 in English and Spanish. The French version will be published in the coming weeks.

The second phase is a review and revision process reflecting the requirements of the approved motion, which will be supported by wider engagement and consultation and consider the learnings of the Focus Forest program. The review and revision will be continued during 2023.

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