Gabon: indefinite disruptions following the interruption of rail traffic


A landslide between the stations of Offoué and Booué during the night of 23 to 24 December 2022 forced the Transgabonais, the only railway line in Gabon, to suspend its traffic.

Photo Credit: SETRAG

This landslide caused 900 meters of railroad track to collapse, making the line impassable, while part of the interior of the country is very dependent on the Transgabonais for supplies. Forestry companies will also face major disruptions in the transport of production and economic repercussions.

The Gabonese authorities are not yet in a position to comment on the restoration of traffic in view of the extent of the damage.

The Société d'Exploitation du Transgabonais (Setrag) is working in collaboration with the authorities and economic actors to find solutions to ensure supplies to the interior of the country and the evacuation of production. The road has been cleared and a track around the embankment has already been built to transport the materials and equipment needed for the studies and stabilization work that will follow.

Two road sections are to be rehabilitated between Koumameyoung-Booué and Alembé-Lopé-Mikouyi, while a technical assessment to evaluate the nature of the work and its costs has already been done. According to the Gabonese authorities, trains will be able to run between Libreville and Lopé and between Offoué and Franceville, with a section via road between Lopé and Offoué, in order to guarantee the transport of passengers and goods.

We hope that this interruption of traffic will have as few negative consequences as possible for the forestry sector, and more generally for the people affected.

Photos Credits : SETRAG

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