A new vocational training centre for the timber sector in Gabon


This February, the first group of future sawyers, peelers, joiners and sharpeners will begin their training at the new Centre de Formation et d'Enseignement Professionnels (CFEP) Bois-BTP in Nkok, Gabon.


Gabon currently has specialised vocational training centres in every province. Thanks to support and loans from international organisations, some centres have been renovated and others created. In Libreville, more specifically in the Nkok ZES, several new centres have been created, including the Centre de Formation et d'Enseignement Professionnels (CFEP) BOIS-BTP. It was built and equipped thanks to a loan from the World Bank through the PRODECE project and will be completed in 2023.



The training centre had already received several visits from timber industry companies based in Nkok, and through the ADEFAC project a visit was organised on 16 January for processing companies based in Owendo and inland.

Five companies took part and visited the various workshops with technical platforms for training in the principles of sawing, sharpening and joinery, as well as the workshop for training in the installation and troubleshooting of green electricity systems (solar panels). The centre also has two laboratories available for business services: one for testing the mechanical capacities of wood products (pressure, flexibility, traction) and one for researching waste recovery methods.

CFEPs differ from technical colleges in that they are closer to the private sector and place a strong emphasis on the work attitude of apprentices. Indeed, during the presentation of the CFEP BOIS BTP, its Director, Mr Bon-Jean Félicien BADJYENDA, explained to the companies that the Chairman of the Board of the establishment will be from the private sector, and he invited companies to become members of this board and/or of specific boards such as the pedagogical board or the advanced training board. He also recalled the principle of sandwich training, whereby trainees spend around 80% of their time in companies and 20% at the training centre.

The importance of this co-management of vocational training is to produce employees whose qualifications meet the needs of companies, and who are fit to work in a job as soon as they obtain their certificate.

To facilitate partnerships with companies for the integration of trainees, the CFEP BOIS BTP will pay for their PPE and insurance.

Companies in the timber industry in Gabon that are interested in receiving trainees from the CFEP BOIS BTP or that wish to send employees to the centre for further training on a specific need are asked to contact the centre here.


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