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ITTO has published its report on tropical timber markets for the first half of April.


The main topics are the continued decline in US hardwood plywood imports in February 2023 (these having fallen by -12% during the month to reach a level -63% lower than that of February 2022); the brochure produced by ATIBT jointly with the LCB Tropical Timber Commission decoding and comparing the EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulation) with the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation), thus making it possible to apprehend the evolutions and to prepare for them; the much greater role of EU regulatory authorities in the implementation of the EUDR (greater role of customs authorities, implementation of a new "information system" by the European Commission, imposition of minimum inspection levels, creation of an "EU Observatory" to facilitate access to supply chain information by public entities, consumers and businesses, etc.). ).

ITTO report also refers to the disappointment of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) following the adoption by the Ghanaian parliament of three new revenue bills, which the government says are part of efforts to meet the criteria of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to qualify for a bailout package. From his perspective, Seth Twum-Akwaboah, executive director of the AGI, says the passage of these bills has devastating consequences for the industry at a time when the business climate is already difficult and the tax regime does not motivate local production.

Also, in the headlines we find:

  • the presentation in Indonesia, by the Ministry of Environment, of the new SVLK : following the European Union's decision to impose new rules on the timber trade, this Indonesian timber legality system has been strengthened and has become the "Legality and Sustainability Verification System" keeping the same abbreviation.
  • Vietnam's considerable progress in creating a carbon market. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a well-functioning carbon market will help Vietnam meet its COP26 commitments, while ensuring the smooth flow of international trade.
  • the approval by the Brazilian House of Representatives of Provisional Measure 1151/22, which amends the provisions of the Law on Public Forest Management (Forest Concessions) allowing non-timber production activities and the trading of carbon credits
  • the lowering of prices for Chinese rubberwood imports...

Download ITTO Report 1-15 April 2023

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