Publication of a brochure of analysis and comparison of EUDR with the EUTR




On November 17, 2021, the European Commission published its draft "zero deforestation" regulation to end global deforestation attributed to the EU (already identified by the acronym EUDR). This proposed text was discussed and taken up by the EU Council and the European Parliament. On 6 December 2022, the EU reached an agreement on this new regulation.


Ever since 2013, companies that place or import timber and timber by-products on the European Union market have been required to comply with the EUTR, a regulation that aims to prevent illegally harvested resources from reaching the EU market.

With the EUDR, we are witnessing a shift in scale from combating illegality to eradicating deforestation and forest degradation. While the EUTR was only about timber, the EUDR is about cattle, cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber soya, and wood, plus some of their by-products.

In the current state of the legislation, we offer you this brochure of analysis and comparison of EUDR with the EUTR in order to understand the changes and to prepare for them.

The regulation will enter into force during 2023 and until then, the text may still be subject to technical adjustments, and this brochure will be updated as necessary.

The ATIBT welcomes this ambitious proposal from the Commission and its objectives for forest preservation. It will be involved in the discussions on its implementation and the interpretation of the text to ensure that the elements that appear to be of concern to the forest&wood sector are properly addressed.

If you need any further information or if you want to share your concerns about the EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR), please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Duhesme (